When the Steam of Life disappeared, the Baoverse became a hostile place, especially for soft baos that dry out in no time. It’s time to get aboard the MechSteamers, explore the world, and save the Baoverse for good! YugiBao is a family of 3D animated Baos looking to expand their IP with an unique visual […]

Sharon The Trending Granny

Miki wants to succeed on the latest trendy social media platform, but he hasn’t counted on the spontaneity of Sharon, his grandmother, who ends up competing against him in viral challenges and surpassing him in popularity unintentionally..

Meet Zlice

The Sexappeal made it into Pizza. Zlice is a self-proclaimed womanizer “good looking” guy who likes to dress nicely and be a charmer. Oh… but there is one more thing, he is a proud Pineapple Pizza! You might love it or hate it but he gots style!

Meet Morgan

Coming from outer space, it found its home on Earth. Morgan is an extraterrestrial being; we don’t know much about how it ended up here on Earth, but it’s so adorable (and sometimes grumpy) that we’ve decided to keep it (we had no other choice…). Nowadays, it is a very important part of the Morgana […]

Degenerate Ape Academy

The mission at the academy is simple: Take 10,000 of the smoothest-brained apes, put them all in one location, and let the mayhem ensue. The academy was founded on the principles of friendship-making, crayon-eating, and absolute, unregulated, deplorable, degenerate behavior. Welcome, fellow apes, to the Degenerate Ape Academy.     Our job here at Morgana was […]