Augmented/Mixed Reality

Add layers of visual information on top of the real world around us. With Spatial Computing we can integrate virtual elements into our environment and easily interact with them.

Web AR

You can embed the 3D models of your products in your apps and websites so users can interact with them as if they were real.

Tap any of the 3D models above on a mobile device running iOS 12 / Android 8 (or later) to view the object and place it in AR.

Facial Tracking

With a mobile device we can detect the position, topology, and expression of the user’s face, all with high accuracy and in real time. Apply live selfie effects or use facial expressions to give life to a 3D character.

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Virtual Reality

The perfect way to escape the real world into something more fantastic. We create an Immersive Experience according to your needs. There are as many applications for VR as you can think of, it’s restricted by your imagination: video games, education, training, entertainment, marketing, or just for fun!

virtual reality VR morgana studios immersive tecnology

360 Video 

Immerse your audience in the feeling that you’re trying to convey and give them a taste of an amazing experience. Add hotspots to give information about a particular thing or place in 360 space. Need a 360 live stream? No problem!


VFX     |    Motion Design     |     3D

Post-production     |     Animation

Virtual Reality     |     Augmented / Mixed Reality

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