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Immersive technology: Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR)

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The growth of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) creates confusion between them. These immersive technologies integrate virtual and real-world elements, and these are their differences:

Virtual Reality (VR)

It is the best known of the immersive technologies. The user is completely immersed in a computer reality generated when experiencing virtual reality.

This technology allows you to recreate a virtual world that surrounds you, immersing yourself in imaginary places or offering experiences impossible to experience in real life. The gateway to an invented world where the only limit is imagination.

The early adopters of virtual reality were video games and the entertainment sector but now virtual reality applications are used in industry, engineering, construction, medicine, marketing, education, business and more.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This technology overlays digital information in the real world.

It improves the real world, it provides us with extra content within reality, expanding information with images, text or other virtual information through devices such as display screens, mobile phones, tablets, smart glasses and AR glasses.

Pokemon Go is the most popular augmented reality application.

As augmented reality technology evolves, the number of applications continues to grow and can influence our shopping, entertainment, work and more.

The range of applications is enormous: a foldout with the allergens that food has in a supermarket, a virtual guide that takes us on a tour of a museum, or showing us things hidden from our eyes such as temperature, ultraviolet rays, sound or pollution.

Mixed Reality (MR)

It is the fusion of virtual reality and augmented reality. The user can interact in real time with virtual objects found in the real world. These virtual elements will respond and react to the user as if they were real objects.

 It is the technology of recognition of gestures, looks and speech through a pair of motion controllers or through the MR headphones. You need a lot more processing power.

Advances in fields such as connectivity, processing power or ergonomics will favor its integration in a transparent and fluid way in the experiences that you want to recreate.

Inmersive Marketing

Immersive technology is transforming the concept of advertising and marketing, giving the consumer an active role where they interact with VR or AR.

It provides an increase in visual information where users have more information about the product they are consulting. This helps them make a better decision about the product, reducing the return rate.

Improve the shopping experience by bringing in new resources, and the customer experience increases.

It allows us to collect interesting data that allows us to know which products have attracted the most attention, how long they have spent evaluating them, about which aspects of the product they have shown the most interest…

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