Hollywood’s Greatest Trick

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«For months, I spent 16 hours a day animating a sausage penis man for less than minimum wage. I’m so lucky to be part of The Film Industry»

With these words, as bitter as real, starts a documentary that will be released on February 22 and narrates the difficulties VFX/Animation professionals face many times during their career.

Starred by «A Starving VFX Artist, A Broke VFX Company In Need of A Superhero, and Six Stupidly Rich Film Studios«, the trailer bring us the less glamorous side of the industry and show us how artist behind the biggest tricks are not getting their share of the industry success.

More and more the big studios are pushing and pressuring animators and VFX artist to exhaustion, but there is a reality behind: we are free to set our standards, so nothing will change if we keep on accepting this kind of deals, hoping for a better project next time.


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