Capitán Avispa

Capitán Avispa, hero of Avispatrópolis and the Kingdom of Honey, tests his nobility, justice, and innocence against the evil wasp Jacques Poison and his minions. Directed by Jean Gabriel Guerra, Jonnathan Melendez Produced by Juan Luis Guerra Written by Juan Luis Guerra, Gustavo Alberto Lopez, Miguel Yarull Cast Luis Fonsi, Juanes, Joy Huerta, José Guillermo […]

The Everlasting Story

Long ago, there was peace between all. Until the White Ghost wreaked havoc and threatened to destroy all. Only one man can stop him, he’s brave, strong, and handsome and he rides a bike, his name is Koschey. Directed by Andrey Kolpin Produced by Robert Gnodolian, Evgeny Golovin, Anton Smetankin, Tatiana Tsyvareva Written by Evgeny […]

Aire: Just Breathe

It’s the year 2147, men are sterile due to a virus leaving humankind almost extinct and Tania, a biologist, is trying to inseminate herself to prevent this from happening with the help of an AI system called VIDA. Things take a turn when Azarias, one of the last men and a traveler with a dark […]

Everyone Will Burn

María José is about to end her life after not overcoming the death of her son. Everything changes when, before jumping, she receives a visit from Lucía, a mysterious girl who might be connected to an apocalyptic legend of the town. Directed by David Hebrero Produced by David Hebrero and Javier Kiran Written by David […]