Google search with Augmented Reality (AR), its use in Google Maps, the improvement of Google Lens, its integration in Youtube and its commitment to advertising, show us the future of information search, in which our way will change to interact with the results.

Google search

The search engine will offer 3D objects that we can position on the real world.
A utility both for learning and in our future shopping experiences.

busqueda google realidad aumentada musculo

The inclusion of images in three dimensions and augmented reality to the results offered by the search engine will allow, for example, to observe objects and simulate how they would look at home before buying them.

You can interact with 3D objects from the Google search engine and get visual answers to visual questions.

busqueda de google realidad aumentada ropa

These functions use the mobile camera to superimpose information on the image, 3D objects and content in the real environment when captured through the mobile camera.

As an example, in a search for the size of the white shark, augmented reality superimposes a 3D image of the shark in the living room so that the user can explore visual details and have a sense of scale of a 20-foot shark.

busqueda google realidad aumentada tiburon

Google Lens

Google Lens image analysis technology works somewhat in reverse: it uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze what the mobile camera is capturing and turn it into useful information for the user.

The most obvious example is the translation of texts between languages. Directing the mobile camera towards a text in English, Google Lens shows the translation of the text superimposed, as if it were written in the user’s language.

google Lens procesado de texto

The Google Lens app is also applicable to objects and information. For example, directing the mobile camera towards a monument will show information related to it; or capturing the access information to a Wi-Fi network with the camera so that the mobile phone automatically configures that network.

Google Lens : Urmila’s Story

Google Maps

The use of augmented reality in your Google Maps application will make it easier for the user to locate themselves in the environment and help them to know which way they should follow by combining the indications of the application with images of the environment. This way you can orient yourself by comparing what you see around you with what you should be seeing. This function is now available in a “trial” version on Google Maps..

google maps realidad aumentada RA

Advertising: new visual models for the mobile web

There are also changes when displaying ads within web pages.
With Swirl, the new immersive display format designed for mobile devices opens up the possibility that users can interact with the 3D objects that advertisers include in their advertising campaigns.

Swirl allows you to view 3D models of products by rotating them in all their axes, 360 °, viewing them from any angle and at different distances.

realidad aumentada publicidad google swirl


The integration of augmented reality allows new functions on mobile

Makeup in real time on YouTube with augmented reality
It comes from the hand of AR Beauty Try-On. Thanks to this function, we can apply makeup using real-world products, and after its application, we can see how they work. The main objective is to integrate this function with YouTube channels related to this, so that users can put on makeup while watching the videos themselves.

youtube realidad aumentada maquillaje en tiempo real

Google’s new streaming and interactive advertising tools are now available to brands and advertisers.


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