DesignRush, known for its video design awards, has chosen YugiBao Cinematic Promo Video to be featured among The Best Animation Videos 2022.

The 51-second promo video pulls together a glimpse of Yugiverse, going through 3 characters perspective. In the opening shot we have a cinematic mysterius introduction where the first character is shown: WakBao – surrounded by a futuristic “cyber-steam-punk” city like.

Second scene introduces another character: YugiBao. We see him running from what it looks like a fire blast. Even though is running to avoid fire, we see him having fun and smiling. In the third shot we discover where the fire is coming from, the DevilBao is playing with fire. We see him surrounded by lava and rocks, the YugiBao underworld maybe?

After being roasted by DevilBao, the next scene ends the video with the three characters aligned to form a fantastic hero shot. 

Morgana Studios – the creative studio behind YugiBao – wanted to showcase a visual piece appealing to the YugiBao community. From top tier animation to spectacular vfx simulations, the result is stunning.

About YugiBao

YugiBAO is a collection of 2,999 non-autogenerated, individually created 3D YugiBaos, powered by Morgana Studios, a well-known VFX and 3D Animation Studio located in the heart of Madrid, Spain.

Morgana Studios is backed by a team of veteran animators, designers, creative directors, marketers, and crypto savvys that have worked together to bring this unique project to life.

Yugibaos -yugibao-nft

“We want to create a unique visual story-telling brand that drives creative content to the Solana Blockchain” – says Claudio Lluberes, Creative Director of YugiBao. 

This journey starts with an NFT collection that will make YOU a part of this adventure.

You can become a part of the Yugiverse, as the story evolves into a unique and unmatched 3D animated TV show, a YugiGame, together with unique merchandising , digital and physical collectibles, holder benefits, and other exclusive rewards.

You can watch the full video below:


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